Safety First

Safety First for Household Self Storage

We have a range of trolleys available on site to help you unload the car and move your belongings to your unit safely and efficiently. Don't hesitate to ask a member of staff for help!

How to lift a box safely:

  • Always bend your knees and keep your back straight.
  • Lift the bottom of the box using both arms.
  • Raise the box as you extend your legs.
  • Avoid leaning over the box and using your lower back as leverage.

How to stack a box safely:

  • Use one of our handy stools to reach high places.
  • Ask for help if you are having difficulty adding or removing items. Sometimes it is a two person job!
  • Avoid over reaching and stretching. If you are trying to move a box with your finger tips you need to find a stool or someone to help you.

How to fill a store safely:

  • Heaviest and larger items go first to create a steady foundation for smaller items.
  • Never pack heavy items on top, if these fall they can cause damage or injury.
  • Try not to force items in between spaces if they do not fit easily as these are at risk of falling when other items are moved.
  • Keep items at the door no higher than waist level. If items are stacked to door height and fall over this can prevent the door from opening, or items can fall on to you when door is opened.
  • Keep items you use most frequently closer to the door for easy access. Do not store passports or driving licences in the store as this can create a panic if you need them quickly. If you are storing important documents use a filing system that is well organised and labelled e.g. by date.


  • We have a fully accessible building with ground level access and disabled toilets on site.