Items Suitable For Storage

We deem the following items safe for self storage.

Do Store

  • Furniture: Sofa, television, bed, table, chairs, wardrobe etc. Always cover with dust sheets and bubble wrap legs.
  • Clothes: Summer clothes, winter coats, shoes and boots. Vacuum pack or store in boxes. Plastic bags are not recommended as they sweat and tear easily.
  • Bicycles: Wipe down and dry the bike first.
  • Musical Instruments: Store in protective casing, or bubble wrap and box appropriately. Mark as fragile. Try not to place these high up in precarious positions in case they fall and are damaged on impact.
  • Sports equipment: Wipe down and dry before storing. Equipment should be balanced. Try to lean against container walls as opposed to other items to keep steady.
  • Christmas decorations and presents: Fold up your tree and cover to maximise space. Wrap bells and bobbles in bubble wrap or tissue paper and place in a box for extra protection. We can also sign for delivery items on your behalf which is pretty handy at Christmas if you don’t want toys delivered to your home.
  • Lawnmowers and motorbikes: Wipe down and dry before storing. Drain any fuel from the tank.
  • Garden equipment: Wipe down and dry before storing. Sometimes these types of items can still make a mess and they can also be sharp and create a hazard. As a precaution try to store items of this nature in a plastic container or bin and keep at ground level. You can throw your wellyboots in here too!
  • Fishing gear: Wipe down and dry. If you are storing your tackle box make sure you have cleaned out any living or perishable bait first.
  • Most household items such as lamps, tea sets etc. Always wrap and box for protection.

Do Not Store

  • Flammable items: When motorised equipment etc. fuel must always be drained first. It is recommended to do this two days before storing. Wipe away any spillage on the item.
  • Explosive items: Bottled Gas.
  • Weapons and ammunition (including licensed firearms).
  • Chemicals, fuel and oil based paint: These are considered hazardous substances.
  • Illegal goods (stolen, counterfeit items): We have a responsibility to ensure all customers adhere to the Law.
  • Perishable items: Meat, vegetables, bread etc. Canned food is permitted.
  • Livestock or pets: Including reptiles and fish. There is a limited amount of oxygen within the unit to sustain life.
  • Plants and other organic materials: Decomposition of these items can change the atmosphere in the container and produce mould, damp and strong odours.