Business & Commerical

Business and commercial storage. Long term discounts available. Excellent location for distribution services.

There are so many reasons why self storage can be the right choice for your business but whatever the reason we can offer a flexible storage solution to meet your needs. We can help optimise your space efficiency by providing only the amount of space you need, when you need it and most importantly- you can access it 7 days a week, and if required, additional hours by arrangement!

Business & Commerical
  • Archiving

    A necessary evil for all businesses. At House & Stock Self-Storage we offer a storage solution for your archive boxes and leave your office space free for more productive use. With access 7 days a week to your own secure unit your archives are always available. Speak to our team about our cost-effective solution for your archiving needs.
  • Office Equipment

    There’s nothing like a good clear but valuable office furniture and equipment that’s clogging up your even more valuable office space – what do you do with it? At House & Stock Self Storage we offer the flexible solution you need. Use our secure units, accessible 7 days a week and give your office the clear-out it needs.
  • Stock

    Seasonal stock fluctuations can mean you opt to pay rent and rates full-time for space to cope with those short-term demands but is otherwise surplus space. At House and Stock Self Storage we offer flexibility. Book the space you need for your stock as and when you need it. Use our free Wifi and do stock checks, inventories and goods-in/out control. We can also handle your goods-in requirements by arrangement. Don’t pay for more space than you need.
  • Health & Safety

    Don’t be tempted to let fire routes and exits become even partially obstructed with items that need stored ‘somewhere’. Let us help you keep your workplace compliant. Use our lockers and walk-in units and know where everything is.
  • Start-Ups / E-Commerce

    For start-ups and e-commerce users: how much space do I need for my operation? Where do I receive the goods?We can provide the solution. Focus on growing your business and we can provide not just space but other support that you need to grow. We offer free Wi-Fi, hot desks, meeting rooms and a goods-in/goods-out service.
  • Document Shredding

    We offer a unique and confidential ‘shred by the bag’ service. Your documents are shredded on-site at our premises to offer maximum data protection and destruction. Your documents are shredded into confetti by our accredited shedding partners. This service is ideal for small to medium size businesses and even for household paperwork.